Material Development

Formulating a recipe is like looking into the future. In this early stage our engineers need to take several life time stages into account;


  • Raw materials and mixing cycle at QEW
  • Processing parameters at our customer's site
  • End-use environment and daily use
  • Second life use
  • Recycling possibilities

Closing the chain has become a larger part of our development activities over the years. Our engineers will incorporate second life use of recycling possibilities already in the earliest stage of the development.

QEW Engineered Rubber gladly involves our customers into the process of developing a new recipe or modifying old recipes. This teamwork will result in a recipe that not only will fulfil all the specifications but it will also be (re-)processable due to our MIXCONT control system, regardless the product is being extruded, calendared, injection moulded or any other type of processing.

During a long history - over 50 years - of compounding, QEW Engineered Rubber has gathered a large database with different types of recipes for numerous applications.

Some of these recipes are commonly used in the rubber industry. Others have specific properties and can be used under more extreme conditions. The R&D department has the knowledge and experience to determine and select suitable tests are for specific applications.


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