Rubber calendered sheets

Calendered Materials

At QEW Engineered Rubber we strive, together with our customers, to optimize the total supply chain. Ready to use calendered materials will save you time and money.

QEW is able to supply a great variety of widths, thicknesses and you can choose between different backing foils or anti-tack treatments.

If you need special marking, perforation, packaging or transport, at QEW Engineered Rubber we do take your requirements seriously and we will work together with you for a great solution.

Extensive options for all your needs 

By using multiple production lines, we offer the best value for money;

  • Thicknesses from 0.15 mm up to >25 mm
  • Widths up to 1540 mm
  • Special tapes
  • Perforated rubber (hot needle technology)
  • Dispenser systems for automated production lines
  • Multiple packaging possibilities (Kanban, ship to line etc.)

Try us out!

Please refer to our contact page to request additional information or fill in our Compound Request Form to receive an attractive offer for your business.

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