Dredging and Mining

Time is money. This especially applies for the very demanding Dredging and Mining industry. Dredging and Mining equipment is getting bigger and more efficient every day. Increased dimensions and significantly higher working pressures will push the wear parts to their limits.


QEW Engineered Rubber has developed a full range of wear resistant compound for almost any application.

  •  Ultra wear compounds (the highest wear resistance)
  • Wet slurry handling
  • Dry materials handling
  • Hydrocarbon transport (Oils sands)
  • Retreading compounds (chip and chunk resistant)
  • Micro abrasion

The compounds from QEW Engineered Rubber are already used in many wear and tear applications like the Oil sands in Canada, almost all dredging vessels worldwide, truck and heavy equipment tires, Mines and many material handling hoses.

At QEW Engineered Rubber we strive to synchronize the life time of our rubber compounds to the maintenance interval at the end-users site. Safe time and money by using our compounds in your wear parts. Please refer to our contact pageto request additional information or fill in our inquiry form to receive an attractive offer for your business.

Our engineers are willing and able to assist you with any questions you might have on rubber applications.