Oil and Gas

QEW Engineered Rubber has a broad experience in the Oil and Gas segment. Our compounds are already safely used in many (both onshore and offshore) Oil and Gas applications worldwide.


This market segment requires the highest and most reliable quality. QEW Engineered Rubber is able to supply a great variety of engineered compounds;

  • Fire resistant/retardant compounds
  • Expandable compounds (hydrophilic or expandable graphite)
  • Low swell compounds
  • Wear resistant compounds for hydrocarbon applications
  • Splash zone compounds
  • Isolating, semi-conductive and conductive compounds
  • Electro active compounds

With full traceability of used raw materials, production data and test results, every batch we produce will be logged with a full birth certificate to facilitate any certification or third party inspection.

QEW Engineered Rubber has an extensive reference list of compounds used in the most demanding environments worldwide. Please refer to our contact page to request additional information or fill in our inquiry form to receive an attractive offer for your business. Our engineers are willing and able to assist you with any questions you might have on rubber applications.