Flooring and Matting

Although considered by many end-users as a commodity, the development and manufacturing of rubber flooring and matting contain many challenges.

Processing of rubber backed mats is extremely difficult because process parameters and the rheological behaviour of our rubber compounds need to be synchronized in order to achieve the required quality levels as demanded by the market.

Every day use of rubber flooring and matting should not be underestimated. Many applications expose these mats to harsh and uncontrolled environments like ozone, direct sunlight, contact with chemicals or oils, washing procedures or cleaning agents.

QEW Engineered Rubber translates these challenges into a formulation that will enable you to run optimized production whilst having the physical properties to withstand the everyday use.

To facilitate your production, QEW Engineered Rubber can supply ready to use and cut to size calendered materials. Please refer to our Products segment for more information on delivery forms and methods.