Progress can either be made by many small steps, or by taking one large step forwards. QEW Engineered Rubber aims to take larger steps into improving compounds. Innovation is one of the main forces that drive our R&D department. By sharing the advantages of many groundbreaking innovations our customers will stay ahead of their competitors. 
  • Ultra wear resistant compounds
  • Electro active compounds
  • Magnetic compounds
  • Swell-able compounds
  • Jet fire resistant compounds
  • (Aramide) reinforced compounds


QEW Engineered Rubber noticed that the Canadian Oil sands market required a very abrasion resistance compound which is able to withstand Hydrocarbons. 
Extreme working conditions with temperatures well below -30ºC make the challenge even bigger to develop a suitable and sustainable rubber compound. Working together with our suppliers and customers, QEW has gained valuable information about increasing the abrasion resistance. This knowledge has proven it’s benefit in compounds with different types of hardness. 
Upcoming project of QEW will be the development of rubber from the Russian dandelion (European Project DRIVE4EU). The Russian dandelion produces highly promising amounts and qualities of Natural rubber. The advantage of this flower is that it can grow in colder climates and can be harvested without the huge labour content as currently with natural rubber from trees. Whilst saving on labour and transportation costs, this project also makes the global rubber market less dependent on Asian sources.

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