QEW Engineered Rubber has implemented the sophisticated MIXCONT control system to enhance quality, reduce rework and rejects and to continuously improve our mixing cycles.

Your benefit will be the comfort of having;


  • Stable and reproduce-able quality
  • Less adjustments during your production
  • Full logging of all production data for traceability purposes
  • More efficient production = lower costs
  • The highest possible quality

MIXCONT is a pro-active, self- learning and self-adjusting control system. Based on historical data, MIXCONT will determine the best initial values for the production parameters. During the mixing cycle, MIXCONT measures the most important indicators and will adjust these if necessary. These adjustments will be made during the cycle regardless the number of batches in the run.

The adjustments made will be saved and used as initial value for the next production run of the same recipe. Our engineers have several optimization tools available in the system and together with MIXCONT we combine knowledge with technology to improve your business.

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