Expertise and capabilities

QEW Engineered Rubber will translate your rubber requirements into ready to use compounds with a great variety of delivery forms and shapes.
At the earliest contact with our customers we evaluate both the manufacturing conditions and the application conditions in order to develop the optimal recipe or formulation. As we value a scientific approach to development projects, we therefore always use our laboratory mixer to test our newly developed compounds on the most important properties. After thorough testing of the laboratory scale batches we will gradually scale up to production sizes before entering into full production supply.
Our W&P 270 litre mixing line, controlled by our MIXCONT control system, and further downstream equipment will process your compounds with the highest precision.
After mixing you can decide the following step. QEW Engineered Rubber is the one stop shop for all rubber compounds;
  • Wig/wag on pallets
  • Sheets
  • Calendered materials (2 calendering lines)
  • Endless strips
  • Pipped strip
  • Perforated
  • Pallets (grinded material)
  • With our without anti –tack treatments
  • Wide range of backing foils
  • Pre-shapes
  • Tapes


QEW Engineered Rubber is able to deliver both vulcanized and unvulcanized rubber profiles. For both testing and production purposes we have 3 extrusion lines (150, 120 and 90 mm) available.
QEW Engineered Rubber creates the highest value for money. Our dedicated team will work with you to reach the optimum for your production. Please refer to our contact page to request additional information or fill in our Compound Request Form to receive an attractive offer for your business. Our engineers are willing and able to assist you with any questions you might have on rubber applications.

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