QEW Engineered Rubber will translate your rubber requirements into ready to use compounds with a great variety of delivery forms and shapes.
At the earliest contact with our customers we evaluate both the manufacturing conditions and the application conditions in order to develop the optimal recipe or formulation. As we value a scientific approach to development projects, we therefore always use our laboratory mixer to test our newly developed compounds on the most important properties.

QEW Engineered Rubber has implemented the sophisticated MIXCONT control system to enhance quality, reduce rework and rejects and to continuously improve our mixing cycles.

QEW Engineered Rubber values continuous improvement, quality assurance and customer focus. Our effort to continuously develop our quality systems has led to full ISO 9001 certification for QEW Engineered Rubber.

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QEW Engineered Rubber is aware of the environment and takes responsibility to minimize our environmental impact. Our internal processes are set up in such a way that continuous improvement of our environmental performance is reached. 

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