Corporate responsibility

QEW Engineered Rubber values the principles of People, Profit and Planet. Our employees and everyone working with our materials should be able to do so in a safe and healthy environment.

QEW has phased out harmful - like nitrosamine forming or carcinogenic- chemicals years ago and therefore leads the way for many companies struggling to replace these in their products.


Our impact on the environment should be as low as possible and therefore QEW is involved in many voluntary programs to reduce CO2 footprint and energy consumption.

Also our Engineers are working hard to define solutions for our materials once they reach their life’s end. Alternative use, second life use, feedback in the supply chain, upgrading or any other way to reduce waste is incorporated in the earliest stage of compound development. In our factory and laboratory we have multiple tests ongoing on devulcanization of rubber compounds.

QEW Engineered Rubber is actively searching for innovative solutions that will secure the future of the rubber industry. To become more independent of Asian resources for Natural Rubber supplies, QEW has been recently approved by the European Union as partner for the Russian Dandelion project together with –amongst others- the Wageningen University.

In this project QEW Engineered rubber will investigate the possibilities to process and implement the Natural rubber from the Russian Dandelion (horse flower) in a variety of applications.

Our Engineers will translate your wishes and demands on both processing and final properties into a well balanced recipe for your specific process and application.

Please refer to our contact page to request additional information, or fill in our Compound Request Form to receive an attractive offer for your business.

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